Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hot-hot chicken's shit.

I've said it before. I couldn't guarantee that I could blog as good as others. I didn't update this blog as much as I should. I didn't write much about my life even though it's a quite colourful one. (Is it?) And on this very day, with the lousy WiFi connection I had, (my broadband has been cut off, haha), I try to write once again. It has been merely 5 months since I last opened my page, let alone updating it. Why was that? Could someone please come out with an answer?

Well, it's a syndrome, or phenomenon, or disease, or whatever you may categorize it, that you experience when you are on your soft, comfort bed and trying to wake up in the morning. So comfort that you feel that you are not getting up again and want to spend your time forever on it. Okay, okay..I'll stop being nonsense. Let me be straight, it was just that lazy thing. It was that thing that keep me off from this site for months. Knowing that updating blog is not an obligation, and not performing it is not a sin, so I keep getting lazier each day. And my blog is just a blog among billions of blogs out there, so who cares.

So this time, I come back, and as usual I cannot guarantee that I can update this blog as frequently as I can. Because that thing haunts me every single minutes. So who knows when I would write again after this? Maybe 5 months later?

And sometimes I feel the Malay saying hangat-hangat tahi ayam (hot-hot chicken's shit) fits me well. Very well.

P/s : the phrase is a direct translation from its Malay words, so it is totally wrong English sentence from the aspect of grammar or words usage. It should be more or less like this 'as hot as chicken's shit'. For the saying's meaning, I bet you know it already.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another unpredictable big win..

What is the similarity between Agent 47 and Shauqi?
They're both HITMAN.

2SZK (6)
Shauqi (4)
Jeberg (2)

2SZM (1)

It seems like our team are scoring for fun right now. Particularly Shauqi, who makes scoring looks as easy as scoring in FIFA 09 played in amateur level. If we were to assume those missing opportunities also hit the back of the net, we could win for at least with 9 or 10 goals. 11 goals in two matches, doesn't it look like a decent record for a team who lacks players?

This win, however was unpredictable as just the win over 2SZE. With 2SZM fielded almost all of their star players, we got to the pitch just determined to give our very best. The same starting eleven and formation was used, undertaking the effectiveness they showed in previous match.

The match started with both teams had a fair share of possession and chances. But it was us who drew first blood when uncontrolled Shauqi struck from Jeberg low cross. 1-0. Another goal came from err..I forgot. Maybe Jeberg? Or Shauqi? (Oh..this guy scored way too much!). But we ended the first half with a convincing 2-0 lead.

Then the trouble started. We got off to second half with a shaky performance, contrary to that of in the first half. The defenders couldn't contain the pace of their wingers in Jenan and Kamaruzzaman, while the midfielders seemed lost and lacked of ideas. The punishment : a goal (which finally became their consolation) from Jenan. They continue to gave us problems, but Shain superbly made a string of world class saves and I think he should play for Chelsea. ( I being too hyperbolic here?).

That goal became a wake up call for us. We woke up from our dreams, and quickly restore our game. All of a sudden, we dominated the game again and bounced back by banging in another four goals. Shauqi proved to be thorn in the meat ( I know there's no such phrases in English, but what do I care?) for the opposition. We were so comfortable until the end of the game that we could afford to give all of our substitutes chances to prove their mettle. (Hey, Kamal played as top striker!)

All in all, this win continues to boost our growing confidence and something to proud of, especially in term of goal tally. It gives a somewhat psychological advantage, isn't it? But we have to keep our feet stay on the ground and never get carried away by this win.

By the way, the brain-killing final exam is over...and it's time for

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lonely soldier more.

Who is she? You guess..

People say life is not all flowers and sunshine. But right now, I feel like I'm surrounded by them each single day. The reason is simple, and it doesn't take a genius to get the answer. When there is another person (except family member) who always cheers you encouragement..shows some with you through thick and thin...and most importantly, hmm..loves you..then what would you expect? Uh..I think I'm at it again. Yeah, it's true. I fell in love.. once again.

In a transformation of becoming a man, I've had my fair share of failed relationship. It wasn't really long ago when I was dumped by my ex. Sounds like a loser, rite? But I believe I didn't lose anything, yet she was in the losing side. Enough said. Let bygones be bygones. But I have to admit that was painful enough to swallow.

Looking forward, I really hope that this time, she's the one for me. She has opened up my heart, which once refused to fall in love again. Yeah, that was the impact from previous relationship. Right now, I feel really comfortable being with her, and I also think she does feel the same. We share a lot, it seems we are getting the chemistry each day. Just like a pair of dancer who learn to get their rhythm. Step by step. Hopefully, it will be perfect.

But for the time being, I'm not ready yet to reveal her identity. We feel that it's still too early to make our relationship public. However, sooner or later, people will find out. And I don't care less. Luv ya hunny!

*If I sound like a Romeo in this post, please take note that it is not my usual self. Just for writing purpose.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well done, lads!

Please God..let me join SZK..they are short of players!

Suddenly..all cadets in UPNM have been inflicted by football fever. Yeah, it's true that every evening there are a bunch of cadets who play this game (with a side contains up to 30 players,uh) but this time the match is more organized, even though without the presence of a referee. Each course play a friendly against their compatriot from other courses particularly in the morning and the evening during the weekend. Everyone switch to pitch football rather than ever-preferred futsal.

From my observation, this phenomenon happen due to the boredom of the cadets who don't get their weekend outing since last month. To fill the leisure time that is usually used for 'blinding themselves' (membuta la) they do this healthy activity.

A number of friendlies have been played among the courses within my intake. And this very evening, it was our turn, against 2SZE. And the result was unpredictable, we handsomely won 5-1. Below is the match's details.

2SZK (5)
Shauqi (?)
Popoye pen(?), (?)
Jeberg (?)
Bing (?)

2SZE (1)
I forgot the guy (?)

Goal time is not available, time-keeper got Att C



Bego-----Bing ----Deli-----Sopex





As winner of the 3rd place of Inter-Course Football Competition 2006, (haha, still remember that unpredictable finish!) we started the game in style, opening the score sheet just 10 minutes (maybe) into the game through Shauqi. We controlled the game all the way until half-time, added two more goals thanks to Popoye and Jeberg.

We struggled in the second-half, losing possession and slowly the game loosened up from our hands. Their stars got in and they took control over the game and scored a penalty. However, we still could score two wonder goals by Popoye and Bing respectively.

Below is a player-to-player assessment :

1 Shain
Rarely touched the ball in the first half, but had to work hard during second half. Made some decent saves, but has to work hard on his composure and positioning.

2 Bego
Well-settled at the right back formation, had a good time breaking down their attack from the flank. Could be quite clumsy sometimes.

A man of the match performance by him. Undoubtedly a rock in the heart of defence. Never let the opponents go past him, and if he does, he'll chase him like a lion. But still prone to errors.

Also had a great game, even scored a wonder goal, a beautiful long range shot just outside the box. More to a sweeper and always goes upfront to help attack.

(I'm not going to praise myself, okay!) Quite good in the first half, made some timely tackles to stop their winger. But he looked lost in some part of the game, particularly in the second half, and gave away possession.

His through passes free up our wingers to build up attack. Had a great vision on the pitch. And like all of us, he still did some mistakes.

More defensively among this duo. Did a great job in protecting the back four. But sometimes lost the ball and gave away possession.

The playmaker of the team. Created several chances and orchestrated the team's attack. Also the star of the team, scored a wonder goal from a tight angle and a penalty. But looked lazy enough to chase the ball. (Tu la Poy..isap rokok banyak..kan pancit..haha..)

Made some good run down the wing and contribute an assist. Also scored a well-taken goal. But he could have offered more to the team.

A real threat for the opponent. No doubt he was the most dangerous player on the pitch. His lightning pace was no match for the opposite defenders, and he used it well to penetrate into enemy's territory. Scored a goal from a thunderous shot.

Improved a bit from his disaster performance in 2006. He fulfilled the task given, which is to take away the opponent's focus from his teammates. As a result, they scored five goals. But still, he couldn't go past the defenders.

However, this win came at the expense of some of their star players. But still a good start for us.The problem with our team is that we don't have enough players. We played with the same eleven man throughout the game! Maybe we can add some players during transfer window. Eh? Sorry, really get influenced by CM...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And the winner is...

Congratulations Mr Obama..America's fate (and the world's too!)
is now in your hands..

Barack Obama. And he fully-deserved that. Finally, the long, dramatic and competitive battle to be the US President has found its full stop. It is confirmed. Barack Obama is now the 44TH PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Obama is scheduled to vow as US President and takes over White House in January 2009. His win is the first for Democrate candidate since 1964, 44 years after Lyndon B Johnson became the last man to do it. The most interesting is that, he is the FIRST African-American, or shall I say the first BLACK MAN ever to win the US Presidency.

I am so attracted to this guy with his charismatic and convincing way of making speeches. He is truly a great speaker. But what matters most is that his eagerness to make his speeches become reality. I really found it from his body language. He's the man of his words. I for one really believe that his campaign CHANGE can certainly become a reality. His vision to change the America, from the inside and also from the view of the world is a timely action. The Americans and particularly the world need it badly right now.

I am truly amazed by this man. He has the calibre and certainly fits the bill to be the next president. Unlike his competitor Senator John McCain, who is likely to inherit George W Bush policies, he really offers something new should he takes his post come January.

Watching YouTube videos about his win really left me inspired..if I am an American citizen he certainly gets my vote. One more thing his win also proves that the Americans have put racial issues behind them, even though not for all of them.

I guess it's time for me to include Obama in my list of 'The Amazing Men I Have Seen".. Before I put down the pen(opps, sorry I forgot I'm typing) here are some tidbits for you guys..

1.) He won a Grammy Award in 2006 for Best Spoken Word Recording. It was for the audio version of his book Dreams From My Father.

2.) He and his wife bought a house in Chicago in 2005. Back then it cost $1.65 million. The house has 4 fireplaces.

3.) He doesn’t like ice-cream. He worked in Baskin-Robbins as a teenager. That’s where his distaste for ice-cream comes from.

4.) He loves playing Scrabble. He never commented on how good he is, though.

5.) He is bi-racial. He was born to a Kenyan father and a white American mother. In his book Dreams From My Father he writes that he barely noticed the racial difference between his mum and dad in his young age.

6.) He experimented with drugs. Back in his early years he tried marijuana and cocaine. According to his own words he is not proud of it and considers it a mistake as a young man.

7.) He smokes but wants to quit. After all, there is a non-smoking policy in the White House.

8.) He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but went to live in Indonesia with his mum when the parents divorced. There he was introduced to dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper.

9.) According to his wife Michelle he is very romantic. He is not a door opener but he remembers every anniversary and brings her flowers all the time.

10.) Every night when he is at home he reads the Harry Potter books to his oldest daughter Malia.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Final Exam..

this is not What we do during exam week..

I feel a little bit dizzy rite now..I guess my time at gym this evening has taken its toll on me now..and my body clearly tells me now.."Hey!Get some sleep!I'm tired!"

Nevermind bout that. Just let him wait for a few minutes. So what I'm going to tell you know that I'm currently sitting for my final examination. But I act like I don't. Haha.(VC's style)

I sat for Network yesterday. Got 6 papers left that are : Operational Research(11/7), Artificial Intelligence(11/7), Operating System(11/11), Organizational Leadership(11/12), Strategic Studies(11/14), Laws of Armed Conflict(11/15).

So many papers to be sat, yet I still fool around like nothing happen. Just now I was watching The Godfather 2. The duration is too long, and I'm not finished yet. Still waiting for episode 9 of Prison Break.

Okay, okay! I'm finished! My body smiles, knowing it's going to get its much-needed rest...

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Day I Lost My Vir..oops, I mean my cellphone..

I' m gonna miss you boy..

That bloody day..I remembered it fondly..firstly I would like to show you some statistics..if you ask 10 cadets from UPNM how many of you have ever lost your handphone..8 would say "I have"..maybe I'm exaggarating a bit..(because I created the statistics myself) but this is merely a reality..just to show how serious this case in this so-called 'Duty,Honour,Integrity' land.

With a monthly salary about RM 1000++(not including allowances and bonuses) there is no single reason for a cadet here to steal..except they fork out all their money and lose gambling. But there is still a damn culprit who did this thing..and I was the victim.

Much to my anger+despair+frustation.. my SE W350i was just into its 10th day at my service!Could you imagine?Oh God..even though it just cost me around RM500++, but it was a decent handphone(so stylish, looks like an Ipod) and I loved it very much..

It took me several days to recover..I don't want to tell how did it happen (because it involved my negligence too..hehe) May the thief's not good to pray for other people badness right?(Look!I'm still very kind!)

And that damn culprit took away cash from my wallet too..